Welcome to Early Spring in Wine Country!

Welcome to Early Spring in Wine Country!

The first signs of spring have arrived! This is one of my favorite seasons in Sonoma County. Everywhere you look you can see yellow mustard popping up in the vineyards and other spring flowers beginning to bloom.

Yellow is often associated with optimism and joy and that’s exactly what we could all use a little more of in 2024… including in the real estate world!

Thankfully, this year there seems to be a perceptible shift toward excitement for what the spring market will bring. I’m getting more appointments, signing more new listings, and hearing more market chatter earlier than usual.

If you’re thinking about making a move this year, start planning now. If you’re a buyer, it’s important to get the mortgage approval process started so you can know your buying power, meet with your real estate agent, and have clarity for your search.

If you’re a homeowner thinking of selling, now is the time to meet with your agent to discuss and schedule any needed inspections, repairs and improvements so you can hit the ground running “market-ready.” Meeting with your other financial advisors will help you understand the ramifications of your move. A little extra planning makes the process much smoother and can position you ahead of the competition.

Beyond real estate, I’ve enjoyed easing into the year by setting intentions, riding more, and planning for a busy spring and summer. Here’s to a February filled with promise, progress, and endless possibilities! ✨

P.S. – What goals are you excited about achieving this year?

Sonoma County Market Update

December and January are typically a quieter month in real estate and this winter has been no exception. During the holidays, there are fewer open houses, less time spent seeing properties, and more time spent seeing friends and family. It’s the nature of the season.

Though most areas either stayed steady or saw a small dip in median sales price compared to the month prior, many areas saw an increase compared to the same period the prior year. The best news of the season, though, was the downward direction of mortgage rates. Though the historic lows of 2021 are gone, having a drop from the peak rates of last year is a welcome reprieve.

Median Sales Price for Single Family Homes was $815K during the month of December, up 4.1% compared to the same period last year. Average Days on Market upticked by 15.4% to 60 days. The number of Single Family Homes sold was 220, which was slightly down compared to December last year. Click here to view the full December market update!

Design Trends in 2024

Looking to take your home to the next level or just want something new? If 2024 is the year you’re planning to renovate or refresh your home, it’s a good idea to start planning now. From the latest trends to aesthetics, Architectural Digest predicts what will be popular long-term—here are ten design trends you should consider trying this year, according to interior designers. Here’s a hint…whites and greys are out, get comfortable with thoughtfully chosen offbeat colors.

Congrats to the NFC Champs!
We’re on our way to the Super Bowl – Sunday, February 11th!

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A look at what’s ahead for the housing market in 2024.

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