Treehouses, Puppies & The Spring Market!

Treehouses, Puppies & The Spring Market!

Spring is here, I can feel it! Wildflowers are making an appearance in our vineyards and gardens and the housing market is heating up.

Fun Fact: 40% of home purchases happen between March through May. 

Why? Good weather, an abundance of sellers, and timing (most people want to be in a new home before the school year starts).

Another theme that always takes center stage this time of year is GROWTH!

  • Financial growth – it’s tax season!
  • Personal growth – remember those goals you set in January?
  • Family growth – spring is the start of the wedding and graduation seasons.
  • Business growth – now is the time to implement new plans and projects.


So, as you celebrate the progress you’ve made this year, and prepare for a season of growth, keep this quote in mind…

“Make decisions today for where you want to be tomorrow.”
I apply this mantra to just about everything. It’s a powerful reminder to make daily, incremental steps toward a bigger vision.

Which brings me back to you, your home, and your vision.

I recently read a statistic that 1 in 4 people have OUTGROWN their home. That means a staggering 25% of people are waking up each day in a home that no longer meets their needs.

If you’re feeling unsatisfied or stuck in your current home, please contact me!

Growth only happens in the right environment and I want to make sure you’re living in a community and home that will support your future plans.

Wishing you a happy start to the Sonoma County spring season!

Sunny News in the Housing Market

Even with all the rain, there’s some sunny news in the housing market. According to the most recent home purchase sentiment index from Fannie Mae: “Consumer sentiment toward housing reached its highest level since March 2022, fueled by increased confidence in job security and a higher share of people who expect mortgage rates to decrease.”

In Sonoma County, Median Sales Price for Single Family Homes was $830K during the month of January, up 7.8% compared to the same period last year. Average Days on Market was up 6.3% to 67 days. The number of Single Family Homes sold was 176, which was slightly up compared to January last year.

Don’t wait until everyone else jumps into the market to dip your toe—start planning now. If you’d like to weigh your options, get a more personalized market analysis for your home, or plan a home search strategy, let’s talk!

Sonoma County Animal Shelter is Struggling

The Santa Rosa shelter is urgently looking for people to adopt or foster dogs. They have room for 118 dogs and are currently trying to make space for over 180 dogs, 46 of which are puppies. The shelter is now forced to divide kennels in two to create enough space for all the animals. The situation is unprecedented. If you are considering adopting or fostering, this organization is in dire need of support. You can visit their website to learn more.

6 Things To Ditch in February

Despite being the briefest month, February offers ample opportunities for productive home organizing. With fewer obligations beyond Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day, it’s an ideal time to declutter and prepare your home for spring. Consider parting with these five items to enhance the efficiency of your spring cleaning efforts.

Sleep in a Treehouse in Sonoma County 

Looking for a unique staycation idea? Located in Occidental on 20 acres, the Spyglass treehouse offers an elevated wine country experience. Walk through magnificent redwoods, marvel at their height, and sleep looking out over the forest. The company that built the house is Artistree Design and the home was recently featured in Architectural Digest. You can visit their booking website to learn more about rental options.

*Added bonus: 10% of the profits support forest restoration and stewardship projects in Sonoma County and beyond.

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