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Purchasing country or vineyard property can be both rewarding and complex. The general concerns relating to all country properties are: water (including volume, quality and composition), septic capacity, county zoning restrictions on usage and survey and boundary issues. that doesn’t make sense) . Vineyard concerns include water, but also the evaluation of the existing planted vineyard and/or installation, terrain, slope, drainage, soils, sun exposure and microclimate if you are planting.

Many of these investigations require experts, such as viticulturists and septic engineers, as well as time and money. Pam Buda understands through the sale of countless country parcels as well as personal experience, the process of finding, evaluating and acquiring just the right country property. Our team specializes in providing a wealth of information to help you make an educated and informed purchase. Contact us to learn more about buying or selling country property in Sonoma County.

Visit Permit Sonoma for more information on country property and Sonoma County’s latest planning and development resources.

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Sonoma County country properties with 2 acres or more.

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