Pet Care

High-tech products to pamper your pet ?

When it comes to our pets' health, safety and happiness, no expense can be spared!  And thankfully, advancements in digital technology have provided both pets and their parents with a variety of new options for safety, convenience and peace of mind. Since pets and tech are a few of our favorite things, we've searched the web for the latest gadgets and emerging trends and provided a list of standout products below.                   Love is Being Connected:  PetChatz offers two-way audio and visual connections to allow petparents to monitor and interact with their pets when they are away from home. Described as “digital daycare for the home alone pet,” it is a solution for separation anxiety, both for pets and their parents.  Play with Technology Assist: CleverPet Hub is described as “the world's first game console for dogs,” but it is also adapted to cats. The toy’s touchpads light up and make noise as pets solve puzzles with a treat administered when the correct answer is touched.                 Pet Care at the Touch of a Button: SurePetcare offers a micro-chip controlled pet door that only opens when it reads the pet’s microchip or RFID tag. It then signals a smartphone app when the pet leaves and enters the house and also allows parents to control when the pet can have outdoor time. And an added benefit, it keeps inquisitive raccoons out. Litter Robot puts an end to the smelly and sometimes back-breaking job of scooping waste from the litter box. It automatically senses when the cat is inside and then cleans up after by dropping waste into the bottom drawer that needs emptying only every seven to ten days.                 Four-Legged Luxury: High-tech also brings a new level of luxury to pets, like the  ZenCrate  from Play and Plug Robotics. Positioned to relieve pet anxiety, it also provides motion-sensored fan cooling and a pet-appropriate music playlist when the pet enters its private domain. Solutions for a Healthy Pet Life:  Just as people increasingly are monitoring their health and wellness via digital monitoring devices, pet parents are turning to similar devices to monitor their pets’ health. FitBark is a doggie version of a FitBit-type device to monitor activity levels, steps taken and sleep periods. Recorded data is synced to the parent’s smartphone app with the resulting data accessible to veterinarians and other pet service providers....