Want to know where the best restaurants are in Sonoma County?

Want to know where the best restaurants are in Sonoma County?

The latest Bite Club post by Heather Irwin

Then you should check out Heather Irwin’s BiteClub which is a great source of the latest foodie restaurant news in Sonoma County. You will find the latest restaurant gossip, new openings, and guides to the best places to get a bowl of soup or a chile relleno. She is in the midst of running the second annual best cookie recipe contest. A community of commenters and Twitterers offers their own takes and tips. “Find it Fast” helps you quickly search by cuisine and location.
I also use Yelp quite a bit, especially on my iPhone where I can find nearby restaurants based on my location. Posts are filed by nearby Yelpers in the community. Very handy.
And then there is Open Table. I used to use this just to make reservations on my laptop, but it is far more powerful on the iPhone, since it takes advantage of the GPS to find me something near by that is open, and then automatically sends an email from the iPhone to confirm my reservation. It is a completely simple and fast. I use Open Table way more often now since I downloaded the iPhone app. There are only 98 “wine country” restaurants on Open Table, so it is a limited list of the better restaurants rather than the more comprehensive listing on Heather’s site or on Yelp.

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