Want to Get to Know Sonoma County? There's an app for that!

Want to Get to Know Sonoma County? There's an app for that!

Yesterday the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau released version 1.0 of an iPhone app promoting local wineries, restaurants, hotels, spas and more, from your iPhone. It is sort of like a private label version of Yelp dedicated to all things Sonoma County. It has a handy wine finder for example which lets you select a varietal–let’s say Carignane–and then view all the wineries within a certain radius of your location that offer that type of wine.

I already use my iPhone in so many ways when with clients and this tool will be a welcome addition.
So far I have used the iPhone out on location
to show maps, routes, and traffic
to take pictures and videos
to show pictures and videos from listings
to determine the orientation of a home with the compass
to send and search emails and review contract documents
to locate and make lunch reservations
to view the multiple listings,
to make blog posts or Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook updates
do calculations and more.
Now I can quickly point out what wineries are in range of a given weekend home, point out the latest upcoming tasting event or festival, recommend hotels, etc. I am not a golfer but this app finds all the golf courses within radius of a give property. It looks pretty good for a start and takes advantage of the iPhone environment. Check it out!

Visit Sonoma? There's an App for that!

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