The Road Less Traveled: Could Your Sonoma Wine Country Home Be in One of these Less Known Spots?

The Road Less Traveled: Could Your Sonoma Wine Country Home Be in One of these Less Known Spots?

Nearly every home in Sonoma County contains at least ONE apple tree, if not many more.

I had dinner recently with clients who bought a country property in northeast Santa Rosa’s Mark West area about five years ago. I love visiting their home as it feels like a mini-vacation! The pool is on a hillside overlooking dramatic wooded ridges. You cannot see another home from the extensive decks around the house, even though the lot is only 2.5 acres. For Jeff and Brian who spend nearly every weekend at the property, it is a welcome and necessary respite from challenging careers in San Francisco. Monday through Thursday they live in Noe Valley, but Fridays after work they head up to Northeast Santa Rosa with their springer spaniel, Margo for a relaxing wine country weekend. Vacations and holidays are mostly spent here and family and friends ensure a social life that extends from the Bay Area to the wine country.
At dinner on the deck we were talking about their house hunt back in 2007. Brian was remarking how much they love their location between Santa Rosa and Calistoga–how beautiful it is–how convenient to SF, to Napa and St. Helena and how affordable it was compared to Napa County. “We had no idea that Santa Rosa had so much beautiful country! We didn’t realize how many wine country alternatives to Napa and Sonoma that there were. We had no clue about Sebastopol, Forestville or Santa Rosa!” All they knew about Sonoma County was the Russian River resort area, or Healdsburg or Sonoma. They had no idea that they could find the wine country experience they were seeking in any of several Sonoma County towns.
In fact, Jeff and Brian are like many of the out of town buyers I work with. They are not married to a particular location when they buy a country home or estate. Rather they are looking for a certain experience. So, with all due respect to the more well-known towns of Napa, St. Helena, Sonoma and Healdsburg, here are some surprising alternatives where you may find a perfect wine country home or estate. A good country property agent (myself included) will have a good feel for country property inventory throughout the county, and more importantly, they will know the ins and outs of wells and septic systems and zoning regulations, which are especially critical when you are buying land.
Tomorrow we will take a look at some of these less well know country property locales, meanwhile you can look at all the latest Sonoma County country property listings here, and see some of my previous posts on country property topics here.

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