Maps and Craigslist: an interesting Real Estate Mash-up

Maps and Craigslist: an interesting Real Estate Mash-up

Mashup is one of those great Web 2.0 terms which sounds intriguing, and is derived from the music industry. It means a hybridized application which includes data of different types from different sources.  I sometimes use it to apply to my improvisational cooking techniques but that is another topic!

Today’s real estate professional can take a service from one Web site and pair it with the data from another site, creating a hybrid Web application whose value surpasses the original components. Web designers call this form of content publishing a “mashup,” borrowing a music industry term referring to songs containing parts of other songs. Today’s real estate mashups often include maps, listings, and community news.

Realtor Magazine
One of my new year’s resolutions is to overhaul this blog and to add some new functionality. The rainy winter months should provide some time for me to take a look at my technology tools as I go into my third year of blogging. A recent article in Realtor Magazine drew my attention to a neat mashup of Google Maps (one of the most popularly mashed applications) with Craigslist.
It is called and it offers a map based interface for searching Craigslist ads. I am currently evaluating map-based tools so that I can offer my clients the ability to use the map interface to search the MLS, but this is a handy tool for getting started and would be really useful for rentals. Let me know what you think! and Happy New Year!
Santa Rosa House Search Mashup

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