Coastal Sonoma Home Sales Report

Coastal Sonoma Home Sales Report

Bodega Harbour View on a not so Sunny Day

The Sonoma Coast is truly one of the most magnificent places on earth. Every once in a while I catch a car ad on TV and I say–hey that is just north of Jenner. I guess the art directors for the advertising companies agree. The recent Tour of California saw the race emerge on the coast above Jenner and travel down Route 1 to Coleman Valley Road, where they made their way back inland (and uphill) to the finish.
The unit sales in the coastal market are in the single digits, not including Sea Ranch to the north. So, the statistical value is week. The coastal market was very hot this last winter, which is one of the most beautiful seasons on the coast. We can be socked in with tule fog inland and it will be bright and sunny out in Bodega Bay, as I discovered last winter when I was showing property from Dillon Beach to Gualala. Even with the small sample size, the behavior of the real estate market in coastal Sonoma this winter was an early clue to the heat of the overall Sonoma County real estate market this spring.
Same message, rising sales and declining inventory.
Coastal Sonoma Home Sales Report

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